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Starter Kit

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Product Information

Tobacco Flavor

The best flavor.
If you're looking for strong and flavorful vapor, you've come to the right place. Our flavors have been carefully selected to ensure an experience you won't soon forget.

Battery Power

Ready when you are.
Each rechargeable AquaCig contains a powerful 240 mAh battery that will keep up with your busy lifestyle. Spend less time charging, and more time satisfying your cravings.

No Lighter

No lighter? No problem.
Leave your lighter at home. With an AquaCig, there is no more need to fiddle with lighters matches or ashtrays. Simply inhale on your AquaCig to enjoy rich flavor virtually anywhere.

Spare Battery

Always a spare.
The starter kit comes with an extra rechargeable AquaCig to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Leave your second AquaCig charged at all times. If the one you're using runs out of power, simply swap your AquaCigs and you're ready to go again.

Spare Battery

Charge anytime, anywhere.
A complete Charger Kit is included in the Starter Kit, which gives you one USB Express Charger, one USB Wired Charger, and one USB Wall Adaptor. No matter the situation, you have the solution.

The best e-cig is also the least expensive. See for yourself.

Only $49.95
Blu Cigs
Green smoke

Comparison is based on equivalent products.

Starter Kit
What's in the box
  • White rechargeable AquaCig
  • Black rechargeable AquaCig
  • 5 Cartridges (Tobacco flavor)
  • Express charger
  • Wired charger
  • Wall adaptor

Lifetime Warranty
We believe that quality matters. That's why every AquaCig product comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Learn more.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Shop with ease knowing that we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee for any reason at all. Learn more.

Learn more about the design and technology behind AquaCig and how it works. Visit the learn page.

Have questions? Just ask. Call Toll-Free: 1-855-AQUA-555

Ratings & Reviews

Couldn't be happier with my E-Cig it makes quitting smokign so easy, thanks for the great customer service!
Written by ron | 3/11/14
absolutely love my ecigarette, feels just as good if not better than smoking cigarettes-
Written by vic | 2/5/14
This Is IT!
This is what you want! Everything in this pack is gold, and you will be amazed at how long the batteries last. And while your first battery is taking it's long recharge, you'll have #2 ready to go. The cartridges last just as long as a battery with heavy usage and that means a FULL DAY of great flavor per cart per battery. Much better than what I was getting with my dinky EonSmoke. If you are a heavy smoker going over to the e-cigs, you are going to want that second battery. Recharge times are a killer, and these sticks like to be plugged in for a good few hours.
Written by Charlie | 2/5/14
Great value
I purchased a starter kit to help me quit smoking real cigarettes and have been smoke-free for a week so far.
Working as intended.
Written by Corey | 1/29/14
Above and beyond!
I just got my kit, and I can't believe how great this product is! I had no idea that it would hit the way it did, just awesome. I will be buying more cartridges when the need arises, and I'll be spreading the word. Thanks!
Written by Diane | 1/24/14
love aquacig
helped me beyond words. reduced my smoking significantly in first few weeks. love the vapor, flavors and ease of use but the prices even more.
Written by ken | 1/16/14
happy with purchase
very pleased so far with my starterkit-great vapor and taste and a pretty good price too.
Written by akins | 12/18/13
A fan for life
I love AquaCig! I was a customer of Logic for a long time, but AquaCig blows all the other ecigs away. The price and customer service are simply unparalleled. Give AquaCig a try! I am glad I did. :-)
Written by Lucas | 12/9/13
Really easy to stop smoking with the aquacig. Great flavors, affordable and without the health risks that come with cigarettes.
Written by Taylor | 11/22/13
The Best
I tried few different brands. Those ecigs are the best quality. Thanks !
Written by Lili | 11/16/13
happy customer
I've been a heavy smoker for 32 years, and for as long as I can remember I would crave a cigarette from the moment I woke up every day. I've been enjoying my new ecig for a couple weeks now and I wish I had tried this a long time ago!
Written by Richard, CA | 11/5/13
Been enjoying my new e-cigs for 5 days and counting...THANK YOU aquacig :)
Written by zwsa | 10/26/13
Absolutely Amazing!
Best e-cigarette I've ever tried! Amazing flavors and great customer service. Highly recommended.
Written by Sam | 10/14/13

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